Friday March 29th: We started the day on a long, scenic train ride to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. As soon as we arrived, the rich history of the city was immediately all encompassing. Walking out of the train station, we stepped into Old Towne Edinburgh, onto the cobblestone streets and immersed ourselves into the buzzing culture of the city.

We first walked up the hill past tiny gift shops and cozy cafes to the gothic, St. Giles Cathedral. A rare moment of sunshine burst through the stained-glass windows, illuminating the cathedral, leading to an awe-inspiring experience.

Afterwards, we walked to the Elephant House, the cafe where J. K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series. From the back windows of this café, we were able to see the Edinburgh Castle in all its glory.

The day continued on a much spookier note as we toured the Edinburgh Dungeon, where we learned about some of Edinburgh’s darker moments in history. We concluded the day by walking the city, observing the beautiful architecture and sights in the city and having dinner with Dean Rich. We are ecstatic to visit the Edinburgh Castle tomorrow!

Kayla Muratte and Kendra Thompson

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